Terms and Conditions

Hosting Service Level Agreements

We always strive for 100% uptime where possible, and outages are very rare. Where a service level agreement (SLA) has been agreed for website uptime, we will be responsible for ensuring that the website stays available for at least the agreed availability percentage.

If the website is available for less than the agreed percentage in a complete calendar month, the customer is eligible to reclaim the cost of hosting paid for that entire month. Our liability will be limited to the hosting fee paid to us by the client, and will not include any other costs incurred by the client that are caused by the downtime. Requests for refunds under the SLA must be sent to us within 60 days of the downtime.

Automated monitoring will be configured using the trusted third-party service Uptime Robot. This service uses multiple servers across several global datacenters to record service information. In the case of a dispute, the uptime data recorded by Uptime Robot will be used to determine the availability of the website in relation to the SLA.

Downtime caused by the following is excluded from the SLA: outages of third-party services that we are unable to control (e.g. Amazon Web Services, Cloudflare, custom API integrations), downtime caused by actions of the client, and downtime that is pre-agreed (e.g. for deployments or maintenance).

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