Case study

NHS Lothian

NHS Health Authority – Medical Education Directorate
Staff enrolment and training system
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About the client

The Medical Education Directorate of NHS Lothian is responsible for developing the clinical education strategy for the Lothian region. It prepares medical students for practice, provides resources to educators and students and oversees the whole educational process to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Project brief

NHS Lothian required an online education portal to manage the enrolment and training of student doctors. The main aims of the system were:

  • For medical training staff to spend less time on administration tasks
  • To provide a convenient and intuitive experience for new students to find information and educational materials
  • To provide a system for organising and running induction sessions

Our solution

Klever delivered a web-based system which consisted of a public-facing site for students to log into, and a feature-rich management panel to allow teaching staff to manage content, resources and students.

Learning materials are presented to students in modules, each with text content and multimedia resources, including videos, documents and pamphlets. A messaging system allows teaching staff to communicate easily with subsets of students.

In addition, an induction management system allows administrators to plan and deliver multi-day induction events for new students. This includes timetable management, scheduling for students and the facility to set pre- and post-session questionnaires to track students’ attainment.

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